Our Awesome Ambassadors!

Sustainability is about Community. Here are some of the awesome people in our community who are working with us to keep the world beautiful. Please check out their blogs and pages for some inspiration and new ideas!


Gabi Moran

Mother Nature's Alchemist is a blog written by Naturopathy student, Gabi Moran. She shares her passion and enthusiasm for natural health and sustainable living with informative articles, chemical free beauty products and kombucha SCOBY's. Gabi has a particular interest in women's health, emotional well-being, fatigue and gut issues.

Tamara Bailey

Tamara is a full time student at Victorian College of the Arts doing acting and theatre making. She loves the arts and all it's mediums and living a healthy lifestyle. She is super into making her own work, devising theatre, singing and taking photos of the Melbourne scene. She is a vegan loving, cafe-hopping, photo-taking thespian that is always down for a chat/outing.


Edon Costello

Instagram user name: eddy.mai
Hi, I'm Edon! I'm an 18 year old, taking a gap year before I study an arts degree at university. During my year off school I've been working lots, having fun with friends, going to the gym and cleaning and cooking for my family.
I'm super excited to be an ambassador for such an environment mindful company; I've always been concious of my imprint on the earth, so a few years ago I started exclusively using cruelty free products and I'm so happy to add brush better to the list!!

Benay Aiomanu

Instagram username: the_b_movement
I am a lover of nature and ocean, yoga, fitness, family and friends.
I want to help make waves in changing the world for the better and if I can help influence others to make small changes for a better difference, then I would be happy. I am a group fitness instructor and holistic hippie 😜

Kayla Brown

Instagram name : raisinglilithjane 
Heya! I'm a 23 year old chicka from Melbourne. I've got a toddler that rules the house and the best partner in the world ! We are really into finding organic products that are good to our environment. I'm an inspiring blogger/instagrammer with a lover of fashion, products, being Eco friendly and family!

Kate Coghlan

Instagram username: coggo74
I am a community minded activist who plays a mean Uke and sings some sweet tunes! 

Jade Nicole

Hi! I'm a 20 year old with a passion for the environment, I'm always looking for the reusable or recyclable option on my journey to eliminate the need for plastic in life.