#1for1 Project - Giving back

Here at Brush Better, we are convinced that life is meant to be shared. For us that means that regardless of your situation, you should have access to, and enjoy, the basics that most of us take for granted. 

That's why we came up with our own Community incentive, #1for1. This community well being program means that we give one brush to someone in need for every subscriber that we bring on, every year, recurring. So the longer you are a customer, the more brushes we give away!

We feel that just because you are in a bad situation right now, doesn't mean your health or hygiene needs to suffer. We will be working together with some major Non for Profit organisations in the coming months, keep your ear out for updates!

Jump on our Facebook or Instragam to see what we're doing and where. Don't worry, we take it as a compliment if you're stalking us :)