Vegan Friendly Toothbrushes

Brush Better, we strive to do better for the environment. That’s why our sustainable, eco-friendly toothbrushes are 100% vegan friendly. We believe in living sustainably in every way, and while being vegan is not the only way to achieve this, it can assist with many elements of sustainability including conservation of land, reducing animal cruelty and reducing carbon emissions from farming. And that’s why at Brush Better, our vegan friendly toothbrushes are not tested on animals, nor do they contain animal products. It can be difficult to live vegan, however there are little things you can do to live cruelty free that are not as difficult as you think. Start with buying free range animal products if you can’t get off them, shop organic and try going vegetarian as an entry step. Reduce your use of cosmetics that are not specified to be cruelty free and jump on board our vegan friendly toothbrush delivery service. Living better does not have to be hard or inconvenient, but it does take a little bit of planning and thought.

With our vegan toothbrush, we work with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that not only are they vegan friendly, but also ethically sourced and with sound labour practises. All our bamboo is sourced from sustainable plantations and is farmed with the least impact possible on the surrounding environment. We already have hundreds of customers who use and love our vegan friendly toothbrushes, why not try us out for yourself?

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