How can our toothbrushes create a sustainable future?

We at Brush Better want to create a more sustainable and compostable society, and how can we do that?

We are bringing you the most sustainable toothbrush in the world, in the most convenient way possible, delivered straight to your door. The handle of our amazing toothbrush is made from bamboo, the world's most sustainable resource. Here’s a fun fact, did you know that bamboo grows at an average of 1 foot (that's over 30 cm) per day?

And what’s even better about the world's most sustainable toothbrush? When you are finished with it you can make it into a compostable toothbrush, that is something you can’t do with a toothbrush made from plastic.

To make the compostable toothbrush all you simply need to do is remove the head of the toothbrush and you are done! You are now free to add it to your compost bin or even dispose of it in your green waste and the compostable toothbrush will return to mother earth in a safe and easy manner. This one of many ways that makes our amazing toothbrush so environmentally friendly, try doing this with a regular plastic toothbrush!

We all need to make the little changes in our lives to create a sustainable future and it can start with something as simple as changing your toothbrush. Using a sustainable toothbrush is simple, convenient and delivered straight to your door, now that is brushing better!

But remember that being sustainable is not just about making something out of a renewable resource, it is also how you dispose of things. Using our toothbrush made of bamboo being compostable the sustainable toothbrush is also the compostable toothbrush.

If you haven't already please give our toothbrushes a try, it is a great step forward for our society to being more sustainable and compost friendly.




Thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog. Until next time, and always remember to brush better!

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