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Hello to any new visitors and our existing Brush Better family and welcome to another blog by your environmentally friendly toothbrush company.


As we are now settling into the cold months of winter we are finding ourselves spending our nights in the warm indoors with our family and friends, it can be easy to slip into old habits during this period; we at Brush Better want to help you continue with healthy brushing with our eco friendly toothbrush.


The environmental toothbrush that we are providing is biodegradable and sustainable. With the handle being made of bamboo, and the bristles and tip of the handle being your colour of choice:



Our toothbrush is eco friendly by utilising the most sustainable resource in the world, bamboo! Did you know that bamboo has been known to grow at a rate of 91cm per day, which is a Guinness World Record.


By bringing the environmentally friendly toothbrush to the community of Australia we are hoping to change the way Australians view toothbrushes by removing the use of plastic and using sustainable resources. The eco friendly toothbrush is the way to a better future.


Brush Better has been able to offer the environmental toothbrush to the community of Australia through two different ways:


  • Subscription


With options to receive an environmentally friendly toothbrush once a month or every two months, we are encouraging our customers to keep up with dentists’ recommendations of changing your toothbrush on a regular basis. You can have a fresh eco friendly toothbrush with your choice of colour delivered directly to your door for only 5 bucks. This will keep your toothbrush and teeth feeling fresh as always!


  • Once off purchase


We know our toothbrush is eco friendly, but there are some customers out there who might want to try our toothbrush once before joining our subscription services, or maybe you want to change your toothbrush when you are ready and that’s ok to! We can offer the environmental toothbrush delivered to your door at a once off purchase for $7.95.


The team at Brush Better is serious about creating a better culture around the environment and toothbrushes. We want the community to have access to sustainable and convenient options at affordable costs.


We are continuing to push our eco friendly toothbrush throughout all of Australia and we will be looking to run more promotions, get more involved in our community and look to get the support of our community to grow.


Please feel free to share our page and tell you family and friends about us and remember you can always Brush Better.


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